• The research in our group aims to address a range of fundamental questions in light-matter interaction at the nanometer scale and bridge the gap between basic physical science and engineering applications. We have been combining concepts and techniques from quantum electrodynamics, laser spectroscopy, cryogenics and nano-optics. Currently, our research activities concern optical detection, nano/microscopy, spectroscopy and control of single quantum systems in solid at ambient and cryogenic temperatures. Some of the on-going topics of research are

    1. Solid-state quantum optics; We aim to have well-controlled isolated quantum systems in solid-state chip with similar degrees of freedom as in gas-phase quantum systems. We are interested in addressing fundamental questions and developing quantum-information related technologies based on the interaction of light and matter at single/few quanta level. Here our experiments often involve detection and manipulation of single optical emitters in solid-state samples at Liquid-Helium temperature.

    2. Near-field optics with single emitters: Here we investigate the interaction of single optical emitters with spatially and temporally localized optical fields by applying novel optical antennas and scanning-probe microscopy techniques. One of the potential implications of this direction is the generation of ultra-bright single-photon stream.

    3. Theoretical platform for quantum nanophotonics: We aim to develop a general theoretical platform for treating the interaction of quantum emitters, quantized light fields with structured macroscopic material with loss and gain.

    Acknowledgement: We are supported by the Youth Qianren Program (国家计划), the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Huazhong University of Science and Technology.